This is my story……….

I am from Crete Nebraska, born and raised. I had just graduated from Doane College and started a career in law enforcement with the goal of someday working with the FBI. During this time my girlfriend, who eventually became my wife, was in an automobile accident. She felt decent for a few weeks, and soon after, her father negotiated a small settlement, thinking his daughter was just fine after being rear ended.

Shortly thereafter she began to get head pain/ headaches. She saw her MD who prescribed some medication, but the headaches continued to get stronger and stronger, with the MD prescribing even stronger medication with no results.

A family friend recommended to her parents that she should see a Chiropractor for her headaches. She made an appointment and quickly began to see improvement under care almost from the very beginning of her treatment. I went with her one day to witness what this Chiropractor was doing to help her and stop the headaches. I was amazed by the treatment he preformed, and he made the time to explain to me when nerves get pinched in the body, they can cause pain, and Chiropractic treatment can help in most ailments of the body.

I was very impressed by what happened that day and within six months I started Chiropractic school. You see, I wanted to be THAT doctor who could help people in pain. I wanted to help people who were in automobile accidents, like my wife, to get better under Chiropractic care.

This was over 30 years ago and I feel that I still have that same passion today as I did way back then. I now treat personal injury patients, such as automobile accident patients, workers compensation patients and liability slip and fall patients almost exclusively. My goal is to give the best care possible, and treat people like people, and not just like a name or number.

Dr. Thomas G. Bauer

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